About Us


Our Vision / Philosophy

Our vision is to have a website where Christians can go hang out on the web and just have fun doing it. God drives me every day to be committed to His work and to be committed to the people. The most unique and distinct thing about this website is God’s work is at hand. The most interesting point about this website is “God.”

Our philosophy is to fully serve the members of this website the best way we can. Caring for our members is a priority and we are committed to doing just that.

All Religion believes in giving each individual clients good customer service along with focusing on their needs. Our members have our full attention on any matter as we look for ways to be our best for our members.

All Religion can make all the difference in reaching goals of religious enhancements. Our values and mission are to do right by our members and with your help, we can succeed together. We put ourselves in our member’s shoes daily, then we help with the issue or problem.

Our Story

All Religion was launched due to being bored all of the time with nothing to do and nowhere to go when the church was not in progress. I was tired of staring at four walls all day and night. One day I thought to myself maybe there are people that feel the same way that I feel. Then some analysis started to take place and here we are today known as All Religion.

We are way different than most religious websites due to our musical and vocal aspects. There are also live sermons for the sick and disabled, only if your church sends it to All Religion. There are free conference calls networks that are available and there are free video networks that will allow your church to do whole sermons for free. Your church will have to find these networks. These networks are for hearing or seeing the sermon preached. Videos will also take place on Karaoke night, solos, choir competitions, Holy dance competitions and get your praise on night. Praise team competitions, spoken word and even Christian comedy night will be available soon.

I have been rooted and grounded all my life to do the work of God and I will continue to do so for the rest of my life.

Meet the Team

Our team consists of two individuals who are sisters that go by the names of Z. Davis and T. H. We are looking forward to being of service to help in any way possible.

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Z. Davis

Founder & CEO

Z. Davis is the founder and CEO of All Religion and has dedication in organizing such a unique and valuable asset for Christians. Davis makes sure Christians have a chance and opportunity to go after their unique gifts on All Religion website and have fun with it. Its lots of Christian activities to choose from on All Religion. The choices are “get your praise on night, Christian spoken word, Karaoke, Choir competitions, praise team competitions, solos, Christian dance team competitions, and video sermons, music, and Christian comedy.” All activities will be in the form of a video. In addition, days are started every morning knowing that doing a good deed for society is through God’s help.

Davis has two sons out of marriage ages twenty-one and thirty years of age and is originally from Miami Florida. Davis is family oriented and has been grounded in the teaching of the Bible since the age of two years old. Davis was singing in church by the age of three years old and still sings in church. Davis has attended Luther Rice University for Biblical counseling and has about twelve credits to go before receiving her Bachelors of Biblical Counseling. Specific hobbies are reading the Bible and other choices of books of religion. Davis also enjoys singing, fishing, cooking and listening to Gospel music. Favorite destinations are to Miami Florida to visit family and only been to Africa one time due to curiosity.

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Z. Davis

Vice President

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T. H


Davis makes the decisions for the website and executes those decisions. Davis is responsible for both projecting and directing the website to meet the company’s goals. Davis hopes and dreams are to make All Religion successful with God’s guidance.  Davis is one of the top three decision makers of All Religion.

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Z. Davis

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