God’s Always There
Just look to your left, right, back and front to always feel His presence. Then glance at the sky with love and joy.


This website is set up for all churches in the world to express functions, activities, anniversaries or anything else that may be going on at their church. The time and dates of the events can be added as well for a church function. Different churches will be able to connect if needed from all over the world. The website will also be designed to offer full video sermons from your church of choice if that church provides it.

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We will soon have “get your praise on night” for the ones that like to get their praise on. Comedy and spoken word will also be available. If you’re a religious dancer, we have something for you as well. Those who love to sing solo, Karaoke, or sing in choir competitions will be able to take advantage of it. We will also soon have conference calls of live church sermons on the phone for the sick and disabled to listen to if your church offers it. This website will be a way to meet new people and mix and mingle with fellow religious people of your choice to learn about different people and their religion. Religious people will know when other church’s are having different functions while meeting new friends at the same time.

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Through All Religion, this will be the first time in history that religious people can finally have something that they can have fun in doing online. There will be categories that you can choose from to get to your religious preference just by clicking on it. All religions from the different groups of Apostolic, Baptist, Catholic, Episcopal, Evangelical, Holiness, Judaism, Judeo -Christian, Lutheran, Methodist, Mormons, Orthodox, Pentecostal, Presbyterian, Protestant, and Seven Day Adventist will be just a click away.

Why do Christians fight when all Christians believe in the same God? All Christians believe in God the Father, Jesus the Son and the Holy Spirit. There is no church name better than another church name; all Christians are one with God and He with us.  Remember, God loves all of His children unconditional. If you have any questions or issues, please feel free to email me at z.d@allreligion.org.

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All Religion is a non-profit website, and our main priority is for Christians all over the world to interact in different Christians activities. We want to see families transformed by God and used as an instrument in various ways to please God.  All Religion is here to equip every Christian of every age and culture to do what they do best in the gifts that God has given them. We do all these magnificent categories of activities for God and Him alone. Our website will always build on a foundation of being dedicated to our members. We make it our duty to be dependable in every aspect of our website. We are determined to make your stay a pleasant one.

Our philosophy is to adequately serve the members of this website the best way we can. Caring for our members is a priority, and we are committed to doing just that.


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